Friday, February 18, 2011

Great Weather in February!

Wow, what a beautiful week weatherwise! And only 2 weeks after the biggest snowstorm to hit Springfield since I moved here. Yesterday was in the mid 60's!

Coaches gave me quite a week, but I hit every pace! Here's what I did this week:

Sun Feb 13- Long run of 17 miles:
Plan with actual paces in ():
2 mi warm up (10:45, 11:20)
4 mi @ 10:00-10:20 (10:16, 10:06, 10:11, 10:01)
6 mi @ 9:30-10:00 (9:34, 9:35, 9:37, 9:33, 9:32, 9:34)
4 mi @ 9:05-9:25 (9:06, 8:55, 8:56, 8:49) *tail wind*
1 mi cd (10:11)

Took Monday off to spend time with the hubby on our first Valentines Day as a married couple!

Tues Feb 15th- 6.2 mi recovery run, plus I felt awesome so I came home and did 45 min on the trainer.

Wed Feb 16th-Swim 1750, and ran a 9 mi tempo:
1.5 mi warm up (1 mi @ 10:34, 0.5 mi@ 10:20)
2 mi @ 8:30-8:40 (8:31, 8:29)
5 min rec (0.52 mi @ 10:02)
2 mi @ 8:20-8:30 (8:14, 8:11)
5 min rec (0.48 @ 10:30)
1 mi @ 7:55-8:10 (7:46)
1 mi rec (1 mi @ 10:36, 0.46 mi @ 10:34)

Thurs Feb 17th- Hills + Speed: I would not normally do a hill workout the day after a tempo workout, but I was off work wed night and I had to take advantage of that, so I went into town to run on the hills of the frostbite festival course:
1.5 mi wu (1 mi @ 10:46, 0.5 mi @ 11:08)
2 mi rolling hills @ 8:45-9:00 (8:42, 8:42)
1 mi @ 8:05-8:15 (8:05)
2 mi rolling hills @ 8:45-9:00 (8:42, 8:40)
1.5 mi cool down (1 mi @ 10:48, 0.52 mi @ 10:30)

Today (Fri) I'm going to do some time on the trainer, just whatever I can bear. Tomorrow looks like an easy recovery of 1 hr 10 min. I tell ya, I'm hitting these paces in the speed workouts, and I get that I can do it, but I look back a week later going "wow, did I seriously hit those 8 something paces for 5 miles of the tempo workout? crazy!"

Listened to a webinar on getting ready for the Illinois Marathon. The speaker was selling a book, so I decided to pick it up since I got it for a discount for having listened to his speech. It's called Running Anatomy by Joe Puleo and Dr. Patrick Milroy. It looks like an interesting read. Gives a lot of exercises to do and exactly which muscles those exercises target, and then tells you what it has to do with running muscles, etc. I'll let you all (haha, I think I only have one reader anyway! lol) know how it turns out!

Lata for now!

P.S. I started reading the forum on beginner triathlete that's all about the IM Louisville, looks like some really nice people and I'm already getting great info from them. I'll definitely be keeping up with that forum. Looks like there are some group training rides on the course throughout the summer, maybe I can get in on a few of those.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Big Year Ahead!

Ok, training update:

I'm at the end of week 5 of training for the Illinois Marathon. Here's what my week turned out:

Monday- I did my long run because I worked on Sunday. Did 18 miles like this:

2 mi warm up (10:52, 10:57)
5 mi @ 10:00-10:15 (10:16, 10:12, 10:08, 10:03, 10:01)
5 mi @ 9:30-9:45 (9:29, 9:29, 9:29, 9:30, 9:29)
5 mi @ 9:00-9:15 (9:00, 9:02, 8:58, 8:47, 8:21)
1 mi cool down (11:14) this was thru town in the slush and nastiness, hard to run on!

Tues- normally I do a 6-7 mi recovery run. Didn't do it. My legs are dead and I needed a day off.
Wed- 9 mi of tempo like this:

1.5 mi warm up (1 mi @ 11:02, 0.5 mi @ 10:59)
2 mi @ 8:35-8:45 (8:37, 8:35)
5 min recov (0.5 mi in 5:19 with a pace of 10:28)
2 mi @ 8:25-8:30 (8:23, 8:24)
5 min recov (0.5 mi in 5:07 with a pace of 10:22)
1 mi @ 8:00-8:10 (7:56)
1.5 mi cool down (1 mi @ 10:49, 0.5 mi @ 10:54)

Thurs- I normally do a trainer ride session. Again, feeling dead. Took another day off. (That's two in one week, got to be like a record for me so far this year)

Friday- 7 mi Hills that went like this:

1.5 mi warm up (1 @ 10:37, 0.5 @ 10:44)
1 mi @ 8:30 (8:27)
4 repeats up and down the hill at a steady pace (1.5 mi= 1 mi @ 8:24, 0.5 @ 8:32)
1 mi @ 8:25-8:40 (8:29)
4 repeats up and down the hill at steady pace (1.3 mi= 1 mi @ 8:30, 0.3 @ 8:42)
1.5 mi cool down (0.8 mi @ 9:56)

Sat- (today) to do a 6-7 mi zone recovery run.

The week went good considering how achy and tired I felt. I hit all the major/important runs that I was supposed to and I hit all my paces in those runs. I just took a non active recovery approach this week. But the good news is that I think I've identified the problem. I believe I'm running on dead shoes. I didn't expect them to go dead so fast, so I didn't even think about it. But I forgot that I've been putting in some pretty good mileage in the past 3 months, more than usual. I guess it's time to start searching the internet for my next pair of asics 2150's.

Ok, so no on to the big news!

So far my plans for the year have grown and grown. This was clearly looking like an epic year for me and my racing. So far, I'm signed up for the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon on April 2nd, the Illinois Marathon on April 30th, and the Ironman 70.3 Racine in July.

Now I've just signed up for the Ironman Louisville! That's right, the big mama of all triathlons! I can't believe I'm going to do it, but it is so exciting. I wanted to get it in before I have children, which we want to do pretty much right away. I told my husband that I would like just one good season of racing before we start trying. He's totally down with that, but I'm not sure he knows just what he's in for. I explained the best I could without having actually done an ironman yet. He gets the fact that I'll be gone training all the time and he's going to support me. That's about it. So, there you have it. One epic year. I just couldn't pass up on the excellent fitness I'll have with the Illinois Marathon and only put that toward the 70.3. Which would have been fine in itself. But I've been dreaming of the full Ironman distance since I started triathlon 3 years ago, and I know I won't have a chance to do it until all of my children are in full day school, and even if that.

That's it for now. We'll see what the coaches have in store for me next week. Should be lots of fun!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Week 2 of Marathon Training

Well, I'm midway through week 2 of Marathon training! Things are going very well so far! Here's what I did last week.

Sun-16 mi Long Run with specific paces (no LSD for me!)
Mon-Bike on trainer
Tues-6 mi Zone 2 recovery run + Swim
Wed-9 mi Tempo + Swim
Thurs-Bike on trainer
Fri-7 mi Hill workout
Sat-off (was visiting family)

Sun-6 mi recovery run
Mon-17 mi Long Run with specific paces
Tues-6 mi recovery run + Swim
Wed-9 mi Tempo
Thurs (today)- bike

I still have a Hill workout and a recovery run to do this week also. I want to rest up real good for my long run on Sunday. Those seem to take the most out of me. I find lomg runs much more manageable now than I did during my first marathon training cycle back in 2009. I remember just dreading each long run, and I just slogged it out to get the miles under my legs. Now I have specific mile pace goals. By the time I figure out which mile I'm on and what pace I have to do, the run is over! I just take it one mile at a time. It works so well. I think it's great mental training for the marathon, too.

So far, so good with the training. I need to figure out a better plan to incorporate better biking and swim training because I do have to train for the half ironman in July.

Toodaloo for now!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year

Well, the start of another new year. I just love the beginning of the year. It's a great time to think about what I really want to accomplish in my next race season. This one is extra special. I feel like this is my last year of real racing. My new husband and I are looking to have kids fairly soon, but he promised me just one more year of racing before I give up my body and time. I know I can still race after I have kids, and I will. It'll just never be quite the same as when you're free of any responsibility.

So, my plans? Fit in as much racing as I can afford! First off is the 2011 Illinois Marathon on April 30th. I will also do the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon leading up the that race on April 2nd. After that I would like my focus to change back to triathlon. If I can come up with the money, I would like to do the Ironman 70.3 Racine on July 17th. And even more shocking... and expensive.... the Ironman Louisville on August 28th. I told you I wanted to fit in everything in one year! But we'll see. The full ironman goal is a bit lofty, both time and money-wise. I don't, however, have a doubt in my mind that I can finish it if I put my mind to it and train for it to the best of my ability.

I do have a coach for my marathon in April. 2 coaches actually. I'm extremely excited to work with them! I am midway through the first week of real training. My week started with a long run of 16 miles. There are also two Zone 2 recovery runs, plus a tempo and a hill workout this week. I am very happy to have this great opportunity to work with great coaches that are so much smarter than me when it comes to devising a training plan! I'll try to update more during training. (this is the first post since April of 2010! Ouch)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

1st week of Tri Training Complete

Ok, let the Tri Training begin! I've set a training plan up for the Evergreen Lake Triathlon on July 17th, 2010. I've also, just by chance, got another olympic distance triathlon one week later, so which ever one I feel good for and the weather is right for, that's the one I'm going to put all my effort into.

Mon- Bike: Plan called for 1 hr. I went 1:23 at a distance of 22.92 mi. Just kept an even pace.

Tues-Swim: 1600 yds with some base intervals mixed in. Run: 3.14 mi with some 1/4 mi repeats, split paces were: 8:03, 7:56, 7:40, 7:43, 7:55, 7:34.

Wed-Swim: 1800 yds with some fartlek intervals. Bike: Went with the Wheelfast group: 19.66 mi in 1:04:02. Sprint at the end.


Fri-Swim: 1600 yds endurance swim 300 wu, 1000 straight, 300 cd. Run: 2.1 in 21:33 Just a short easy run to loosen up the legs for tomorrow's half marathon.

Sat- Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon: 13.1 in 1:57:07. PR!

So far so good, I'll try to give more updates on my training. Next up for races is my Pioneer Sprint Tri on April 18th!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2010 Race Calender

Hmmm.... 2010 What Will You Bring Me?

It's the beginning of March, and I'm already signed up for multiple races. First, there's the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon on April 3rd. That should be fun, I've got some friends running it, love the medals they give out. Then April 18 is the Pioneer Sprint Triathlon. I did this one last year and it was probably my favorite race ever! It was my first triathlon ever, and it was so much fun. I didn't go out there with ANY time goals. I just wanted to finish. I ended up getting an age group award, which totally rocked!

This year, however, I want to beat my previous time. I've been doing some speedwork in preparation for the half marathon, but my cycling is seriously lacking. I can't get motivation to do it. Running is so much more fun for me.... even on the treadmill. I would much rather do a treadmill run than any trainer ride. I force myself onto it about once a week or so. I have this issue where the right side of my right foot ALWAYS goes numb. I've tried doing so many different adjustments, but nothing ever works. I think I just have to live with it. I've noticed the numbness on an occasional run also so maybe it's a pinched nerve or something. Who knows.

Next up after that is another sprint tri... this one will be in Sullivan. I've never done this race before, but it looked like fun and it's a good one for the family to come and watch because it starts at 12:30 which means that they don't have to wake up at o-dark-thirty.

So far in May, the only one I'm signed up for is the Capital City Biathlon. I loved this race last year, but I remember being kinda sick with a cold going into it and not feeling that great. I'm hoping to improve this year.

The only other race that I'm actually signed up for as of right now is the Evergreen Olympic Distance Triathlon in Hudson on July 17th. I'm VERY excited about this race because I get to meet up with some new friends from the GOTRIbal community from Naperville IL/Aurura IL area. Plus there should be some pretty good talent there since it's some kind of qualifying race for something or other (can you tell I don't plan on doing THAT good?).

I do want to do the Ironabe on July 25th and the Railsplitter on August 14th, but we'll see.

My biggest goal this year is to volunteer for at least one race. I have a lot on my plate this year with my wedding planning adventures. That is the reason that I pushed my first 1/2 iron distance race to next year. I planned on going for it this coming June at Kansas, but it is just too much money and all of my funds are strapped with the wedding coming up.

So, up next is the half marathon. Last year my goal was to break 2 hrs. I came in at 2:00:01. Ouch. So this year my goal is to definitely break that 2 hr mark. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Not my year for PR's

And here I thought I was in better shape this year than last. I don't think that is the case.

I missed my PR again in the Jingle Bell 5K by 10 measley seconds. Race was alright... somewhat unorganized. It started 20 minutes late, but hey, what do I know about directing a race? At least the timing was accurate! This was a fairly flat course on a very nice day... if there was going to be a PR, today was the day. Not in the cards for me this year. Oh well.

The Frostbite Festival 10 miler was this past Sunday. This was the second time I ran this race. I really like this race. Great distance, great jackets in the race packet, and a challenging course! Last year my time for this race was 1:27:58, an 8:47 pace. This year... not as good. 1:29:25, an 8:57 pace. I felt like I gave it my all and I guess that's what counts. Last year I did a full 1/2 marathon training plan to prepare for this race. This year I did a marathon in Oct, recovered for a few weeks with very few runs in there, and then did a 5 week plan from runners world. I think I know what the difference is now!
So, now on with the holidays. I love this time of year! I'll definitely need to watch myself with all the yummy goodies. I could stand to lose a few lbs... also might have been a factor in the lack of PR's this year!
My plans for after Jan 1? Well, I'm dyyyyyyyyying to do a 1/2 ironman triathlon next year. I really really really really want to do Kansas 70.3 on June 6, but I'm not sure I can come up with the funds. It's over 200 bucks to enter! I suppose it's well worth it with the experience, but it's just hard to come up with it this time of year. Hopefully it doesn't fill up before I get the money! I know, I know, I'm in an expensive sport... but I'm still trying to be thrifty!
Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all of you folks!